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16 June 2023

Release date:

A desperate single mother on a Scottish council estate in 1999 faces an uncertain future until she is propositioned by a shady recruiter from a local gang.

The story behind

We made "Sloansy" because we saw it as an opportunity to collaborate and create a compelling story that shines a light on a Scottish gang of days gone by. With limited resources and a tight deadline, we were determined to make the most of the available crew, location, and the impressive bus set piece we had at our disposal.

Inspired by our own working-class upbringings and influenced by filmmakers like Lynne Ramsay, we wanted to explore the struggles and challenges faced by individuals in a Scottish council estate during the 1990s. We wanted to delve into the themes of resilience, desperation, and the choices people make when faced with limited options.

We forged "Sloansy" as a collaborative effort. It became the story of Jeanie Harlow, a struggling single mother who becomes the target of a recruiter from a Scottish gang. Despite the challenges of limited time and resources, we poured our passion into the project, leveraging our respective skills and experiences.

Since then, "Sloansy" has garnered attention and recognition, with screenings scheduled at prestigious venues like Pinewood Studios and the Edinburgh Fringe.

Behind the scenes of

Our production timeline was a whirlwind of excitement. With only weeks to arrange everything, we managed to pull off an impressive two-day shoot. It was a testament to our team's resilience and dedication to making this project a reality.

Our crew, consisting of 16 talented individuals, formed the backbone of this project. Their commitment and unwavering support were instrumental in bringing our vision to life. Behind the camera, they skillfully captured the essence of each scene, meticulously crafting the visual aesthetic that defines our film. Equally important was our exceptional cast of two, whose exceptional performances breathed life into our characters, leaving a lasting impression on our audience.

For our shoot location, we were fortunate to secure the Arniston Rangers training grounds in Gorebridge. The unique atmosphere of this location provided the perfect backdrop for our story to unfold. Additionally, we were generously provided with a bus by Quentin Thomas, which added a captivating element to our narrative. 

As with any production, we encountered challenges along the way. Shooting during winter meant dealing with limited daylight hours, posing a constraint on our shoot schedule. Technical issues also surfaced, demanding quick thinking and problem-solving from our team. The weather was unexpectedly cooperative, favouring our shooting conditions and allowing us to capture the desired atmosphere.

Above all, the spirit of collaboration and teamwork defined our entire journey. From the crew to the cast, every individual played a vital role in bringing our vision to fruition. The collaborative synergy was truly remarkable, as everyone worked seamlessly together, sharing ideas, supporting one another, and leveraging their unique skills and talents to create something extraordinary. 

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