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Sundae Love

1 May 2024

Release date:

After a traumatising sexual assault, Ethan finds solace in a new relationship with Ryan. When a twist discovery is made, Ethan is left with a difficult choice.

The story behind
Sundae Love

Currently in preproduction, Sundae Love will be a heart clenching drama that keeps viewers wanting more. In a seaside town, Ethan starts a new job at a caravan park, seeking a fresh start. His hopes are shattered when he becomes a victim of sexual assault during a night out. 

Determined to move on, Ethan finds solace in the company of Ryan, the owner of an ice cream van in the town. They develop a close bond, but subtle hints and unsettling comments make Ethan question their relationship.

Confronting Ryan, Ethan uncovers a devastating truth - the person he trusted was his assailant. 

With the support of his friends, Ethan finds the strength to pursue justice and rebuild his life, emphasizing the power of community and resilience in the face of trauma.

We're using AI to help us create the visual mood boards for this film, including the stills you see on this page. Using AI to, responsibility, enhance our story telling is an interesting concept and we're very keen to see how this new tool can improve creativity and improve efficiency in filmmaking.

Behind the scenes of
Sundae Love
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