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Swimming With You

26 May 2023

Release date:

Locked out of their car, two promiscuous boys await a bisexual recovery truck driver to get them out of a sticky situation.

The story behind
Swimming With You

"Swimming With You" was born out of our concern for the challenges faced by individuals exploring their sexuality within the gay dating scene. We observed a toxic environment dominated by hookup culture, which perpetuated feelings of intimidation and fear for those seeking meaningful connections.

Our aim was to shed light on this issue and initiate a much-needed conversation. We wanted to delve into the complex dynamic between love, sex, and hookup culture, examining how these elements intertwine and affect individuals' experiences and perceptions of relationships.

Through the film, we wanted to challenge the prevailing notions and stereotypes surrounding gay dating, emphasizing the importance of emotional connections and authentic intimacy. By exploring the struggles and vulnerabilities of our characters, we aimed to create empathy and understanding among viewers, fostering a more compassionate and inclusive environment.

Ultimately, "Swimming With You" aims to inspire dialogue, reflection, and positive change within the gay community and society at large, promoting healthier, more fulfilling relationships based on genuine connection and mutual respect.

Behind the scenes of
Swimming With You

"Swimming With You" overcame numerous setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to finally come to life. Shot over the course of two eventful days in April 2021, the production faced challenges but triumphed through the unwavering dedication of the cast and crew. 

The production team are grateful for the support and generosity of Midlothian Council, which provided the filming location, and Calum from The Old Colliery pub, who graciously offered their premises as the unit base. 

Despite a mix of weather conditions, with one day being pleasantly warm and the other slightly cloudy, the shoot remained a resounding success. 

Notably, the production was made even more special through the loving contributions of Paul's mother, Kirsty, who catered for the entire crew. 

The collaborative efforts of the cast and crew, combined with the support of their community, resulted in a production that is a testament to their talent and determination.

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